Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just a warning, this is not a happy post.

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  I haven't been sewing or really doing much of anything productive.  My husband drives truck and we've only seen him once in the past 9 weeks.  I've just been having a hard tame lately dealing with things and to add to it I had to put my Westie down yesterday...  It was probably the hardest thing I have had to do.

We got Jasper the summer before we got married.  We weren't really looking for another dog, but when I first saw him I knew I had to have him.  He and Oliver were instant buddies and he was a great addition to our little family.

Jasper was a great dog.  He was well behaved and pretty mellow as far as terriers go, always loving and loyal, and a blast to play fetch with! 

When our son was born he was last on my list to be worried about among our three dogs.  I knew he would welcome a new buddy to play with and he did.  Unfortunately it has only been this past year that Riley has really got into playing with him, but I know he loved every minute of it. 

This past week Jasper started getting sick over and over again.  After hospitalizing him, running multiple test and seeing his general health deteriorate his doctors came to the conclusion that he had a neurological disorder.  They said that even IF he responded to and did well with treatment he still wouldn't be doing great and would definitely be gone with in a year.  So we had to make the horrible decision that no pet owner ever wants to make.

At least now he is happy and healthy with God, but it is still so hard.  Everything reminds me of him.  Even just letting our other two dogs outside, I see two go out and out of habit I am waiting for the third...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Missing In Action

Butterprint Cinderella Mixing Bowls

I've been cheating on sewing with vintage Pyrex and beautiful weather! 

I really should be sewing...I started a quilt that needs to get finished for a wedding next month!

Just checking in...  Hopefully I will have some sewing to show you here soon!