Friday, August 10, 2012


Colorado was great, It was nice seeing family! The trip there and back was a long 19 hours each way, but Riley did very well and slept more than I thought he would so that helped. The weather was nice, hot, but bearable. We had tons of fun just hanging out, swimming and doing a little shopping. 

Colorado 2012

The last whole day we were there we went out to a local lake for some swimming, a picnic lunch and some fun on my brother's boat. It was a blast!
Colorado 2012

The lake was surrounded by mountains most of the way around it and it was just gorgeous!

Colorado 2012

Riley had a ton of fun playing with his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Colorado 2012

B is absolutely adorable!  I couldn't get enough of her and it was really hard leaving knowing it would be at least five months before I would get to see her again.  Here she is laying on the Ruby Bird Baby Quilt I made for her.  Her mom and dad loved it so I know it will be used which is all I ask for!

Colorado 2012

Here she is making her "cheerio face" as her daddy calls it.  She does it all of the time and it is so cute!

Colorado 2012

This photo is more of the blanket she is on than actually of her, she was not very happy at the time (and excuse the poor photo.)  Back in March I made this self binding baby blanket, there are tons of tutorials out there, and matching burp cloths, bibs and wash cloths.  I had planned on sending them out for the baby shower, but then they didn't have one so I took them out along with the quilt and they were in full use by the time we left.  When we got out there I realized I didn't have any pics of them so this is all you get. 

Colorado 2012

While we were out there I took some time to do my niece's senior pictures.  I just wanted to share one with you all.  I can not believe she is a senior in high school!  I was in fifth grade when she was born and I remember it like it was yesterday...  Anyway, isn't she beautiful?  I realise I'm a bit biased, but come on.

Overall the trip was great and I miss them all so much already!  We may be going back out for Christmas or they may be coming here, we're not sure yet.  Either way I can't wait!

Have a great day!



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Beautiful family, beautiful quilts.

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