Friday, June 3, 2011

Stash and Plans

New Stash

These beautiful stacks of fabric are some of my recent purchases!  Hi, my name's Christine and I'm a fabricaholic!  I have only recently slipped into this addiction so I don't have a large stash, but it growing quite steadily.

Metro Living

I have no plans for these wonderful Metro Living fat quarters.  I just really love the colors and print and wanted to show them off!

The start of EPP: Hexagons?

Some more Metro Living and some Kona Cotton.  I didn't have any concrete plans when I picked this out.  I've been wanting to do a black and white quilt for a while now, but I've been falling for grey lately and after browsing through the Metro Living Collection, decided that black, white and grey would be awesome.  So I picked up this lovely stack and after a bit of pondering I think I might do hexagons.  (I might be crazy for planning on doing another hand pieced quilt when I have barley just started my first one!)  We'll see...

Sugar and Spice

I LOVE this stack and it is my first entire collection purchase.  It's Sugar and Spice from The Quilted Fish/Riley Blake Designs in two color ways: aqua and red.  I just love it!  My current plan for it is a pickle dish or double wedding ring quilt.


These are some solids I picked up from Joanne's and some Kona Cotton in Ash.  Originally I picked these up for a double hour glass quilt.

Double Hourglass Blocks

But after deciding to try my hand at English Paper Piecing I cut into it for my diamonds.  However, I think there will be enough to complete both projects...hopefully!

I also have a large stack of fat quarters in every color of the rainbow just waiting for me to start slicing them into strips for a string quilt!  

What's holding me up you ask...Well, the thing that got me into quilting was my niece wanting a quilt and I told her I would try to make her one.  If I only knew what I was getting myself into...  I had always wanted to make a quilt, I just had never done it and now I had a reason. 

My first attempt was pretty pathetic!  I didn't know anything about quilting, didn't know about this wonderful community and it didn't even cross my mind to do any research...I just jumped in.  It was a mess, nothing lined up, no consistent seam allowance...a total mess.  

So I decided to give it another try and just start over.  This time I started searching the internet for every ounce of information I could get and I found Crazy Mom Quilts!  Wow!  The doors opened up to this wonderful world of inspiration and knowledge!  I feel like I have read hundreds of quiting books with all of the information I have gotten from reading all of these blogs and tutorials.  It's just amazing. 

Anyway, the quilt still has a ton of flaws and I would do it completely different if I were to do it again (I will never!), but it is worlds better than the first attempt.  My point to this whole rambling story:  It isn't finished yet and until it is I wont let myself start a new quilt.  I've cheated a bit, but nothing too major (well, except for my EPP star quilt.) 

So that is why all of this beautiful fabric is just sitting and waiting...

Do you buy fabric with or without a plan?

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