Saturday, August 13, 2011

My First Label

I really wanted to make labels for Katie and Kayce's quilts, but I just ran out of time.  I still plan on making them and attaching them when they come back for Christmas.  Hopefully it will work out since the quilts have already been washed.  Any thoughts on that?

But anyway, I am working on my very first label that will go on Martha's quilt (which is finished by the way, but you have to wait until I get the label on it to see the finished product...apparently this is killing a few of you :-P ).

First Time Embroidering

Thanks to Cindy I am using the pink polka dot for the label with brown lettering.  Isn't it darling?!  Thanks again, Cindy, for the great idea!

I've never embroidered before so don't look too closely (I'm getting better with each letter), but after reading through a couple of stitchy blogs I feel pretty comfortable with the whole proses.  I used tutorials from Needle 'n Thread and Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials, both sites are quite awesome and very informative.

Martha's Quilt Label

I simply typed up my message in a font that I liked and printed it out to the size I needed.  I then taped the piece of paper to the window and taped the fabric over it.  I then traced all of the letters onto the fabric.  I probably didn't need to outline the letters, simply tracing them would have been sufficient.  I'm using a chain stitch to make the letters.  I love how easy it is and I love the look.

When it's finished I am going to whip stitch it to the back of the quilt.  Then I think I'm going to do some hand quilting around the edges just through the backing fabric, I think, I don't know yet.  Any thoughts on that?

If any of you have any tips on any part of this proses please share!  Thanks!


Lynne said...

The label is looking great!

You could make the other two labels, sew them onto some muslin and wash them if you are worried, then sew them onto the quilts when you see them in December.

Cindy said...

Very nice! & You're welcome.