Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Finished Quilt and Fresh Sewing Day

Kayce's Quilt

I finished Kayce's Quilt!  I think it turned out great and the purple frames it nicely.  It's was sad to give this one away, but Kayce loves it so it was worth it.

Kayce's Quilt

Kayce's Quilt

My First Two Quilts

Katie's Quilt and Kayce's Quilt together shortly before I gave them to their new owners.  I used my picnic basket to conceal the quilts when I took them over to my parent's house (where the girls are staying while visiting) since Kayce didn't know she would be getting one.

My First Two Quilts

Katie's Quilt

Here are full views of the front and back of Katie's Quilt since I wasn't able to get them before. 

Katie's Quilt

And I finished another Swoon block!!

Swoon Block #2

I love it!  And I really love the two of them together!  I can't wait to see this finished, but I'm worried a finished quilt top will be sitting around forever.  I really don't think I want to quilt this myself since it will be king size.  I've had trouble with the throw sized ones I did for the girls and sending out a king size to be quilted...I'm sure I can't afford it.  We'll see when I get to that point.

Swoon Block #1Swoon Block #2

So there ya have it, this is what I have been up to this month.  I didn't do much the first half of the month, but I've been busy the last half!

Be sure to check out my next post, coming later today, for Lily's Quilts' Small New Blogs Meet-up!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Well I can promise you this blog won't be small for long - the layout is bright and fresh, great photos, great quilts, lovely writing!

Cindy said...

Love your quilts. They look like they would be great to snuggle up in.

Lynne said...

Wow! I love both those quilts - great job.

Carla said...

love the header of your blog! Pretty quilts too.

Life as Vicki said...

Looove this blog!! I'm from Cali and just moved to So Carolina. Love crafting and have not met anyone here so far that likes it. Love the labels, thanks for the pics will be doing this. Have a great day!