Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Comment

I'm very frustrated and don't know if there is anything I can do about it. 

I can't comment on any blogs unless there is a pop up comment box.  It just wont link to my google account.  If I just try to go through with it anyway it will take me to the google sign in page so I sign in and then it takes me back to my comment and has me as anonymous.  If I try to publish the comment again it just takes me back to the google sign in page again!

So, I apologise for not commenting on some of your blogs.  I have been checking out a lot of new blogs over the past couple of days and have been unable to comment.  This is why!  I'm sorry, I'm not snubbing you, I just can't. :(

**Edited 8/4** 
Thanks to my wonderfull new followers this problem is solved!


Maria Spiller said...

When I comment, I get the opportunity to chose an identity - Google, Open ID, Name/URL or anonymous. Apologies if this is a silly question: have you inadvertently selected the latter? I've not tried it so I don't know what it does as anonymous.

Cajame said...

I find it easy to comment on any blogger page. wordpress is another matter. Sometimes it let's me sign in with google ID, mostly not at all. Perhaps check your own settings, in case you have ticked to remain hidden?

GIO said...

Hi, maybe it depends on your cookies settings, if you've them disabled it could happen and you can't operate properly. Or, if you use it, could be an evil twist of windows. Try a system reboot, it could work.

Issabella The Cat said...

I have issues with wordpress too. Its evil and I've decided it just doesn't like what I have to say!
Clear your cookies then reset everything and as Maria said make sure you've not hit anonymous by mistake - Hope that helps :)

Cille said...

Had the same problem but only on a specific PC - tuned out that it was a cookie thing. Just tell your PC to accept all cookies from and you'll be fine :)

Lynne said...

Christine, when you sign in to your Google account, unclick the remember me box - that should fix your problem if the hint from Cille doesn't work! Sure you'll have to sign in every day but it's better than not being able to leave comments, isn't it?